About Montebello

Montebello Design Centre is located in Newlands, Cape Town, and is the result of a financial and property bequest by Cecil Michaelis.

The Project is situated in the farm buildings of the historic site of Montebello. These buildings and land have a colourful history, being the birth place of Ohlssons Brewery and Continental China. Today, Montebello Design Centre is home to a broad spectrum of designers and artists, from jewellers to painters, film makers to landscapers.

The PROD (product design, research and opportunity development) programme is an outreach project run as part of Montebello Design Centre's mandate to promote craft and design.


Mrs. Claire Graaff, Mrs Irene Menell, Dr Frank Raimondo, Prof Max Michaelis, Ms Erika Elk, Ms Delicia Forbes, Mr Stephen Granger,
Ms Mel Hagen, Ms Irene Staehelin.