Butterfly Studio

The Butterfly Studio is a teaching studio offering art classes and workshops exploring the healing nature of art. The Butterfly Studio was opened by Angela Katschke of the Butterfly Art Project at the Montebello Design Centre in Cape Town in January 2014. Angela's vision is to create a space for healing art where people can explore and experience art in a new way. Angela offers painting class 'Painting to strengthen the I-forces' and workshops on how to make your own chalk pastels and paint. Read more...

A wonderful opportunity to explore, relax and play with colour, clay and paint! Rediscover your inner qualities of balance, flexibility, optimism and find your freedom! Explore your soul symbols as powerful tools for personal and professional change. For more information visit www.suekaplan.com or click here to read more...

Interested in creative art development? Willing to give back to a marginalized community? Join our Community Art Facilitator’s Training! Click here for more information

Studio 12 Montebello Design Centre

Angela Kastchke
Art Therapist, Art Teacher, Painter

Contact: 083 899 1883 or

Studio classes:
Tuesdays from 16h00-17h30
Tuesdays from 18h30-20h30
Wednesday from 10h00-12h00
no classes during school holidays