The Honey Room

Your local beekeeping hub! We just love bees... and that sweet stuff they make! We're serious about single origin honey and 100% natural bee products! Visit us for all your beekeeping essentials…and taste some selectively sourced, local honey!

At The Honey Room, we bring the world of beekeeping to your taste buds. Sourcing the finest single origin honeys from across the Western Cape is what we're good at, and we love sharing our passion for the Cape honey bee, formally known as Apis mellifera capensis. So, replenish your honey supply from our 'honey'-on-tap' refill station, or choose from our seasonal range on offer... Ask to sample our signature Creamed Lucerne from the Boland!

We host intimate workshops, beekeeping field days and honey tastings on a monthly basis.

For the hobbyist beekeeper, we stock all the beekeeping equipment you'll need, the 'Blue Book', beesuits and solid pine hives, all with friendly advise and tricks of the trade!

Studio 14 Montebello Design Centre

Tuesday-Friday 9-4pm
Saturdays 9:30-2:30



Michael Hammond
073 334 7548